Easter Sunday

Happy Easter


On Sunday we come together for worship at St Mary’s and in Combe.  It will be good to be together for the most important and precious Sunday of the Christian year.  There is much we need to let go of, and much we need to celebrate.

Most of all we will gather together knowing that we are children of God’s unfathomable and never-ending love, borne through death on the cross and triumphant in resurrection.  After what we have been through in the past year, this seems particularly meaningful.

Whatever you are doing on Sunday, may you take some time to focus on the forgiveness and hope that is now ours, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As Christians we must carry this hope for others and seek out those places and circumstances where we can offer hope instead of despair, encouragement where there is doubt and light where there is darkness.

We can do this because of what happened on Easter day.  Jesus bears all our willful wrongdoing and by his sacrifice and selfless act of forgiveness offers us the chance to begin afresh, not just once, but time and time again.  This is not just good news – but the best ever!

He is risen indeed.  Hallelujah.