For nearly six hundred years, couples have stood together at the chancel step of St Mary’s and made their wedding vows to each other.

Making a life long, legal commitment to someone in public is the biggest moment of anyone’s life and to do it in a special and holy place is the only choice for many couples.

Are you wondering about getting married in church but it seems ‘hypocritical’?

Some couples who would really like to come to church and make their wedding vows are hesitant in phoning the ‘vicar’ because they feel a bit hypocritical. They wonder if people might think they are just using the church for their special day because they don’t come to church regularly and are not sure what they believe.

If that is you then I would say pick up the phone or e-mail the Rector Ann Kember.

Isn’t it expensive?

Another reason for not getting married in church is the cost. Couples think that getting married in church is very expensive. Well it can be if you choose to spend hundreds of pounds on flowers, have six bridesmaids, posh cars etc. Of course compared to a registry office wedding, the church fees are more. The fees are set each year. Getting married in Church is cheaper than using another type of venue.  They say the average wedding costs £20,000. That certainly isn’t true for the couples I marry. Perhaps £3000-£6000 is more likely and it is possible to have a lovely wedding with many of the trimmings for under £2000. The church fees seem very little in comparison to the total that gets spent.

I’m divorced, can I get married in church?

The answer is yes but…… A conversation takes place with the couple and the vicar before any arrangements are made.

More of your questions about getting married in church can be answered by looking at the Church of England website Link by clicking the banner at the top of this page.

Please contact the Rector Ann Kemberfor a  chat. 01460 351521

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