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Ann Writes

No Christian is solitary. Through baptism we become members of the one body of Christ, which is the church, and of the company of saints. We are joined into a company that transcends even death itself. Charles Wesley wrote: One family, we dwell in him, One Church, above, beneath; Though now divided by the stream, […]

What Matters? Who Cares? Update

What Matters? Who Cares? In Ilminster Deanery. Around 120 people attended the event on March 5th at the Shrubbery Hotel.  It was a great mix of rural and urban, church and wider community, young (ish) and old. There were such good conversations around the tables that it was at times hard to hear. There were […]

Easter Eggs

At Christmas, we had an appeal for presents that could be given to some of the less fortunate children around our community. This was really well supported and I know very much appreciated by the health visitors who work with these families and by the families that received them. Similarly, it would be nice at […]

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