January 5, 2019

From the Churchwardens

During the last Sunday service before Rev. Ann was installed as our new     Rector we took the opportunity to say ‘Thank you’. Our message is repeated here to reach those who were unable to be at that service

We have been in vacancy for just over a year and now as we look    forward to having a full Ministry team again we want to acknowledge all the help that has allowed our church life to be fully maintained.

Our ministry team, George, Katharine, Ruth, John  and Charles have all taken on extra duties to cover services across the benefice. The wardens team, and Eddie and Rita and Chris have helped to keep those services running smoothly. Kath and Peter have helped Ken and Chris as vergers at weddings and funerals.

Thank you, too, to everyone who contributes to the content of    regular services, reading, prayers, sidesmen, etc. and music from Mary, Margaret, Rachel and the music group. 

Not forgetting admin and practical support from the PCC, from Kath, keeping track of our finances, and from Anne in the office.

The pastoral team and home communion team have supported the clergy in their valuable role.

The church has been kept clean, and  minor maintenance carried out;  the coffee has been served and Maureen and her team have provided beautiful flowers, especially at festivals.

Our lovely bells have been rung for every service and for special     occasions – enjoyed by us and many people across the town.

So many people have taken on extra tasks, too many to mention in detail but all noticed and appreciated.

We’re not suggesting that today marks the end of all this activity but that it will continue as Ann joins us and we work together to        promote the Glory of God, the Gospel and the  Love of Christ in or church and the community.     Thank you,   Ken and Patricia.


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