Safeguarding: Essential Forms.

On the left side of the table below, you fill find all forms relating to the recruitment of paid and volunteer workers at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Chard. The forms are self explanatory but if you require further guidance, please contact the Parish Safeguarding Officer, Peter Stefanovic on this email

On the right side of the table, you will find other forms relating to all activities at the church.

Please inform the Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) when a new volunteer or paid worker is being recruited at the earliest opportunity i.e. at the application stage.

Paid Post Application Form  Parental Consent Form
Volunteer Application Form  Photo And Video Recording Policy
Confidential Declaration Form  Confidential Incident Report Form
Reference Form  Hirer Of Church Facilities Form
 Model Interview Form  Course Booking Form
Letter of appointment  DBS Applicant Guide