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April 4, 2018

What Matters? Who Cares? Update

What Matters? Who Cares? In Ilminster Deanery.

Around 120 people attended the event on March 5th at the Shrubbery Hotel.  It was a great mix of rural and urban, church and wider community, young (ish) and old. There were such good conversations around the tables that it was at times hard to hear. There were new people to meet, stories to share and connections to make.

The six speakers covered a huge range of subjects including the changes going on in our schools, the challenge of TB on farms, the closure of public services such as the library, and digital access of the benefits system.  Our final speaker, Stuart Cochrane from Numatic  identified how a significant workforce can only emerge from communities where families, school, youth groups all contribute to forming people with a positive approach to life.

If there was one common thread among all six speakers it is that healthy functioning local communities are needed for the opportunities and challenges that face us to be truly grasped.

The What Matters? Who Cares? planning team will now turn their attention to the Telling Our Story Week in May (14-20TH). You can follow the programme at www.tellingourstory.co.uk.  They will use the ideas collected around the discussion tables to plan visits and events that will help strengthen the work that is making a difference to the lives of our community.  In this way we join the mission of God and make real our prayer for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

Nigel Done, Rural Dean of Ilminster

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