April 4, 2018


WiSH (Women’s Social Hub)

At a well attended meeting in February we enjoyed the chat and laughter: it seems a long time ago now!

One of the games caused considerable interest: apparently a visitor’s guide to Chard, people were asked to say what was rather unusual about it – apart from some strange grammatical errors. The answers were varied and ingenious: one member pointed out that there were NOT “many good shops in Chard” as stated in the guide. Almost everyone concentrated on the information it contained: no-one noticed the absence of the letter “e” in the whole piece.

If anyone is interested, the idea came from an Ernest Vincent Wright who in 1939 published “Gadsby”: a novel of over 50,000 words none of which included the letter “e “. One does wonder why?

We nonetheless enjoyed the puzzle – and the usual refreshments. Some generous gifts to the raffle table meant that everyone won a prize – thank you!

Our March meeting will be over before you read this but our April meeting will be as usual in the @ St Mary’s hall from 2.00 to 4.00pm on Tuesday April 17th.

Come and join our friendly crowd!


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