May 29, 2019

Wish (Women’s Social Hub)

Our June lunch is now booked at Ilminster Arts Centre; we look forward to a tasty meal in the Gallery with the current exhibition displayed on the walls and central tables. We will meet there for a 1 pm lunch on Tuesday June 18th.

After Lunch we will be able to explore the shop, with a variety of gifts made by local artists and craftspeople. There is also a huge range of greeting cards with beautiful photographs and reproductions of paintings and drawings.

We hope that those members who have had a difficult time with illness and other problems have all left those behind and are enjoying the spring weather (?When I started writing this it was glorious sunshine; now it is grey and raining. what would we English find to talk about if we had predictable weather?) Our very best wishes are with you all.

Just a reminder that we meet on the third Tuesday of every month, and except for occasional lunch meetings this if from 2 pm to 4 pm. Our “programme” includes Word search and other paper puzzles for those who enjoy a challenge, lots of friendly chat and laughter, tea or coffee and cake and the chance to plan further meetings around your own wishes.

Everyone is made welcome, just turn up and meet old friends and make new ones.


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