April 5, 2018

Mother’s Union

 At our meeting on the 6th March Rev. Georgina Vye came to lead us with quiet reflections for Lent. We were shown pictures on the screen of Jesus and some of the disciples depicted on the internet, with connecting stories and readings by Georgina. We said Mary Sumner’s special prayer together, then a wooden holding cross was passed round when each member prayed for something that was important or special for them. Thank you Georgina.

Donations were given in for the  MU ‘Make a Mother’s Day’ projects, for sending off to Mary Sumner House.

Some people have been knitting garments for babies, including Peggy Clarke and friends. A large bagful has now gone to Musgrove Park Hospital – a big Thank you to everyone.

Our next meeting is on 3rd April when Karen Yerbury from the Diocese will talk about Peace and Reconciliation.

Greetings to Daphne, our indoor member.

The Mary Sumner Prayer, written in 1876

All this day O Lord

let me touch as many lives as possible for Thee,

and every life I touch do Thou by Thy spirit quicken,

whether through the word I speak or the life I live,




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