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July 10, 2019

Mother’s Union and the Abbey

About 18 of us had  a very enjoyable trip to Glastonbury Abbey last month when our friends from Furnham Branch joined us. We received a very warm welcome from the guide in historical costume, who      remembered us from when she came to give a talk and demonstration last year. She took us to see the Arches, Pillars and ancient walls of the remains of what was a vast monastery, with numerous rooms and   chapels. The grounds around are mostly grass with easy paths for   walking. We heard about the history of the Abbey which has legendary status as the earliest Christian monastic site in Britain, and by     Doomsday it was the wealthiest Abbey in England. One of its great   Abbotts, St. Dunstan devised the coronation ceremony still used today, including that for our present Queen. The Abbey featured in the map of the world in 1250 and Kind Arthur’s grave was claimed to have been discovered by the Monks in the 12th Century. We saw the Holy Thorn tree, believed to be descended from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea. The Abbey came to a sad end with the dissolution of the monasteries by King Henry the VIII.

There is an excellent museum with models of how the Abbey might have looked and many artefacts found on the site. We enjoyed some tea and chat afterwards and time for a browse round the excellent gift shop. Thank you very much to Rita for all the organising and to Rev. Georgina for her support. For those unable to come there will be some photos for you to see at our next meeting.

On Tuesday 2nd July there will be a Garden Party with Cream Tea at 7 Brutton Way at 2:30 pm. Husbands, partners and friends are invited. This will be by donations in aid of the Mothers’ Union Summer of Hope Project—supporting families and communities across the world. Please let Heather or Rita know if you would like to come, also if you need a lift.

Get well soon to all members who are unwell at this time.

Best wishes to Daphne our ‘indoor member’

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