May 29, 2019

Mothers’ Union

At our meeting in May Rev. Georgina Vye led us in a special prayer session, then gave a presentation on her trip in January to the Mathieson School of Music in Calcutta, which was greatly enjoyed by everyone. Georgina showed us pictures of the school and the new building under construction, also the children and staff with their bright eyes and smiling faces.

The pupils are aged four to late teens and receive a good education, mainly taught in English, and of course learn to play a musical instrument. The school has a good foundation and does receive some financial support. The children pay a small fee and the school provides their uniforms and three meals a day. It is a long day for them starting early morning ’til 7 or 8 pm’. However, the very youngest children curl up close together and sleep on the floor while the older ones finish their activities.

Some of the children are very poor and live in extreme poverty in shacks in appalling conditions, which of course affects their health. We saw the children having to wash their own clothes.

Georgina told us about a few of the children she met who faced many problems and great adversity, but were so bright and happy. Music of course plays a big part, either by learning an instrument, or singing and dancing. We saw a video of a school concert with most of them taking part in brightly coloured costumes and to a high standard, it was delightful. Thank you very much Georgina. Donations for the Make a Mother’s day project amounted to £50 which was sent off to our H.Q. at Mary Sumner House in London.

A trip is planned to Glastonbury Abbey.

Get well soon to members who are unwell.


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