WISH (Women’s Social Hub)

October News

Madame Zelda visits WiSH (Women’s Social Hub)

I am reading in Chard Chimes new group name WiSH. Writer say “all welcome” so in August date 18, I go 40 St Mary’s Close.

I show in room full with chairs of all kinds: easily chairs, garden chairs, kitchen chairs. Women sitting make warm greetings, also small dog I am told name Barney. Followed much talk and many laughter, people telling stories about years gone by.

Ruth (I know name from visit to Tots’ Group) say “What about Wordsearch?” and all is give papers, one has griddle with letters in and one has questions. All take paper and pen and begin to work. I am to      understand look for words made by letters in griddle: my much      improve language mean I find many of words in list. Some one say “I cannot find a word” and others agree. Gill say “Uh oh, you have found my deliberate mistake” and I laugh with all but I do not understand.  Questions paper I no time to answer.

Then Ruth say  “Who want tea and who coffee?” and relate answers to Gill who is in kitchen. After small time all have cuppa (Hah! You      understand I have knowledge of calloquil English now?) and cake, some have biscuit. Then more talk and again much laughter in front of time Francoise say “Time for raffle.” I see things on table, chocolates and handcream and such. Gill take basket from Francoise and read name from paper in basket where are many papers. Woman who name she read jump out of chair and say “Oh! I will choose chocolates!” and take box from table. I am delight when my name next, I recognise what she say but pronounce very strange. I choose small plate with picture of flower. Is very attraction. It seem everyone end with gift.

Next are answers to questions on paper but I did not answer these so meaning was dark for me. After this women get ready to leave WiSH and all say “See you next time”. I hope I become WiSH member.(Thank you, Madame Zelda. When you read this, our next meeting is on October 16th. You will be most welcome why not bring a friend?)