Safeguarding Training Courses

Saturday 10th November 2018 – 10am to 1pm: Safeguarding C1 Foundation Course

A C1 Foundation course will be held in the church rooms at St. Mary’s, Chard on Saturday 10th November 2018 between 10am and 1pm. To apply to attend the course, and for further details, please email the Parish Safeguarding Officer, Peter Stefanovic.

General Information on Safeguarding Courses

It is a mandatory requirement for a role that requires a DBS check that the person fulfilling that role attends the Safeguarding Courses applicable to that role. In reality, at least ninety percent of those roles will only require that the C0 Basic Awareness Course and C1 Foundation Course be completed; the C0 Basic Awareness Course must be completed first. Volunteers and paid workers must attend a refresher course every three years. A full list of core roles within the church and the training required for those roles can be found here.

The Church Of England is aiming for the best practice that all Church Officers, whether or not a DBS check is required, attend a C0 Basic Awareness Course. This course is available Online. If you decide to complete the online training course from this link, in order for accurate records to be kept, please inform the Parish Safeguarding Officer when you have completed the course.

There are no courses being held in the parish at the moment, however, if you would like us to provide a face to face C0 Basic Awareness Course or C1 Foundation Course within the Cloverfield Benefice or associated Deanery then in the first instance. please email Peter Stefanovic, St Mary’s Parish Safeguarding Officer. These courses, and others, are also provided by the Diocese Of Bath And Wells. Diocese Safeguarding Courses 2018.