Safeguarding News

22nd April 2018: The latest Safeguarding Training Brochure April 2018 has been issued by the Diocese of Bath and Wells. The brochure lists safeguarding courses that are currently available. Bookings should be made via the Bath and Wells Diocese website. Just follow the link in the brochure.

10th February 2018: The BBC has launched a new media page called Own It which is aimed at children aged 9 – 12 years. The web page informs children how to deal with life online. The site has videos by children describing how they deal with problems online and there are tips and advice on how to get help. Take a look and decide whether or not it is a suitable media page that you may want to direct your children to. The link is here.

26th January 2018: The Parish Safeguarding Officer, Peter Stefanovic, and the Associate Vicar, Rev. Georgina Vye, have now been trained as trainers to deliver the Safeguarding C0 Basic Awareness Course and C1 Foundation Course face to face. They are  willing and able to deliver the course throughout the Cloverfield Benefice and indeed the Deanery. Please see the Safeguarding Training page for further information and available training dates.

22nd January 2018: The Safeguarding C1 Foundation course is now available as an online course. There is one caveat in that you must have completed the C0 Basic Awareness course as a face to face course with a an authorised trainer, unless there are extenuating circumstances. The online training portal can be accessed here: 

9th January 2018: The latest Bath and Wells Diocese training and newsletter brochure has now been published. In the newsletter, you will find links to available training days provided by the Bath and Wells Diocese. There is also a link in this newsletter to the online portal for the C0 Basic Awareness course. The Newsletter can be downloaded here