April 22nd, 2018

Dates for your diary:

St Mary’s Singers           Tuesdays 24th April and the 8th and 22nd of May  6:30 pm at the Church. Everyone welcome

Gresley Male Voice Choir on the 14th May at St Mary’s at 7:30 pm

The Big Breakfast: 8 to 10 am in St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Coffee Morning: 10 am to 12 noon on the 19th May (come join us for coffee/tea, bacon rolls, cake and a raffle)




Chard Street Pastors

You are warmly invited to the Chard Street Pastors

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 1st May 2018  at 7 pm

in Eleos

28 Fore Street

All welcome as we celebrate with drinks and cake
the last year in the life of Chard Street Pastors

for more information about Chard Street Pastors visit their website at https://streetpastors.org/locations/chard/

Mother’s Union

 At our meeting on the 6th March Rev. Georgina Vye came to lead us with quiet reflections for Lent. We were shown pictures on the screen of Jesus and some of the disciples depicted on the internet, with connecting stories and readings by Georgina. We said Mary Sumner’s special prayer together, then a wooden holding cross was passed round when each member prayed for something that was important or special for them. Thank you Georgina.

Donations were given in for the  MU ‘Make a Mother’s Day’ projects, for sending off to Mary Sumner House.

Some people have been knitting garments for babies, including Peggy Clarke and friends. A large bagful has now gone to Musgrove Park Hospital – a big Thank you to everyone.

Our next meeting is on 3rd April when Karen Yerbury from the Diocese will talk about Peace and Reconciliation.

Greetings to Daphne, our indoor member.

The Mary Sumner Prayer, written in 1876

All this day O Lord

let me touch as many lives as possible for Thee,

and every life I touch do Thou by Thy spirit quicken,

whether through the word I speak or the life I live,




Annual Parochial Church Meeting

St. Mary’s Chard

Annual Parochial Church Meeting


St. Mary’s APCM will be held on Sunday 22nd April 2017

after a short 10am Service.

There will be vacancies on the Parochial Church Council.

Please think about standing for election yourself or about proposing someone who is willing to stand.

Are you on our Church Electoral Roll? Only people on the roll are eligible to vote or to sit on the PCC.

Please ask a churchwarden for an application form if you need one.

The current sidesmen list will be on display. If you would like your name to be added or removed please tell a churchwarden.


WiSH (Women’s Social Hub)

At a well attended meeting in February we enjoyed the chat and laughter: it seems a long time ago now!

One of the games caused considerable interest: apparently a visitor’s guide to Chard, people were asked to say what was rather unusual about it – apart from some strange grammatical errors. The answers were varied and ingenious: one member pointed out that there were NOT “many good shops in Chard” as stated in the guide. Almost everyone concentrated on the information it contained: no-one noticed the absence of the letter “e” in the whole piece.

If anyone is interested, the idea came from an Ernest Vincent Wright who in 1939 published “Gadsby”: a novel of over 50,000 words none of which included the letter “e “. One does wonder why?

We nonetheless enjoyed the puzzle – and the usual refreshments. Some generous gifts to the raffle table meant that everyone won a prize – thank you!

Our March meeting will be over before you read this but our April meeting will be as usual in the @ St Mary’s hall from 2.00 to 4.00pm on Tuesday April 17th.

Come and join our friendly crowd!


What Matters? Who Cares? Update

What Matters? Who Cares? In Ilminster Deanery.

Around 120 people attended the event on March 5th at the Shrubbery Hotel.  It was a great mix of rural and urban, church and wider community, young (ish) and old. There were such good conversations around the tables that it was at times hard to hear. There were new people to meet, stories to share and connections to make.

The six speakers covered a huge range of subjects including the changes going on in our schools, the challenge of TB on farms, the closure of public services such as the library, and digital access of the benefits system.  Our final speaker, Stuart Cochrane from Numatic  identified how a significant workforce can only emerge from communities where families, school, youth groups all contribute to forming people with a positive approach to life.

If there was one common thread among all six speakers it is that healthy functioning local communities are needed for the opportunities and challenges that face us to be truly grasped.

The What Matters? Who Cares? planning team will now turn their attention to the Telling Our Story Week in May (14-20TH). You can follow the programme at www.tellingourstory.co.uk.  They will use the ideas collected around the discussion tables to plan visits and events that will help strengthen the work that is making a difference to the lives of our community.  In this way we join the mission of God and make real our prayer for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

Nigel Done, Rural Dean of Ilminster

Revd Georgina Writes

The theory of six degrees of separation suggests we are all linked by chains of acquaintance, Therefore you are just six introductions away from any other person on the planet. In a world of 7.6 billion people, it does seem hard to believe. However, as time goes on I find that there are quite exceptional and sometimes almost unbelievable connections where and when I meet others. And as these co-incidences/connections grow I am beginning to feel that almost nothing is impossible.

On Monday 5th March there was a meeting “What matters, Who Cares” at the Shrubbery Ilminster at which over a hundred gathered together, yes even with the snow still laying, where six representatives from Commerce, Local government, Care in the Community, Farmers, Schools and Churches, spoke of what matters to them, their concerns and discovered as we spoke and networked together, just  who does care. Many encouraging conversations and connections were made that can benefit our communities both Rural and Urban. By the time you read some of those connections will have grown and begun to flourish.

Also we will have remembered and celebrated the death and resurrection of Christ, on Good Friday and Easter Day, Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice to create a new connection for us to relate directly with God our Father. On Easter morning Mary was recognised by Jesus in the garden and called by name. Is it so unbelievable?


Gresley Male Voice Choir

Gresley Male Voice Choir from Derbyshire will be performing 3 concerts in Somerset. They will be performing here in St. Mary’s Church on Monday 14th May at 7:30 pm.

Ticket £6 (family tickets available)  Part of the proceeds will go to Christian Aid.

Our Mission: “To share the joy of singing with each other and our audiences in the spirit of fellowship, charity and artistic growth.”