We are a fellowship of Christians who seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our worship and in the community we serve.

Belief in God is our central message but we also want you to belong to our church and have a sense of community. For many years, the church has asked people to believe; then they could belong. But we’d like you to belong, then the belief will come naturally, because we have a message of love from God which is fulfilling and nurturing and will give spiritual healing which will help energise and shape your future.

Upcoming Services

Sunday 25th February 8:00 am Said Holy Communion Second Sunday of Lent
10:00 am Holy communion
Wednesdays  9:45 am Holy Communion

Upcoming Events


 13th, 27th  March  and 24th April St Mary’s Singers 6:30 pm
March 3rd  Saturday  Coffee Morning 10:00 am to 12 Noon