We are a fellowship of Christians who seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our worship and in the community we serve.

Belief in God is our central message but we also want you to belong to our church and have a sense of community. For many years, the church has asked people to believe; then they could belong. But we’d like you to belong, then the belief will come naturally, because we have a message of love from God which is fulfilling and nurturing and will give spiritual healing which will help energise and shape your future.

Parish Notices

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The Church is open weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm

Weekends 9 am to 3 pm

Revd. Ann Kember  01460 35152  email: annkember58@gmail.com     Revd. Georgina Vye  01460 66159   email: g.vye@btinternet.com  Rev. Katherine Hawksley, Curate  tel: 01460 261188   email: revkhawksley@gmail.com

Parish Administrator Anne Perez  01460 67867 Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30am  to 12:30 pm  office@stmaryschard.org.uk

Upcoming Events

International Quiz Night

Saturday 8th December

in aid of Save the Children

Light up a Life Service

Sunday 9th December 3 pm

The Zembard Singers Sing Christmas

Wednesday 12th December 7:30 pm

Rotary Candles by Candlelight

Thursday 13th December 7 pm

Community Carol Service

Thursday 20th December 7 pm


The 5 Simple Rules to be Happy

Remember the 5 simple rules to be happy

  1. Free your heart from hatred – forgive
  2. Free your mind from worries – most never happen
  3. Live freely and appreciate what you have
  4. Give more
  5. Expect Less

Lords Larder Christmas Appeal

The Lord’s Larder began as a Chard Churches Together service, and in 2018 became a registered charity in its own right. With the support of a diverse team of volunteers, it provides emergency food supplies for people in need. We offer bags of non-perishable food to those who come with a referral form from a Doctor, Social Services, similar professional agencies or a church. We rely on donations of tinned and packet foods,

As it is Christmas we try to put a little extra in each bag. We would especially welcome Festive foods: Chocolate and fancy biscuits, Mince pies, Smaller Christmas cakes and cake bars, puddings of all sizes ,

Donation baskets are in Sainsburys and Tesco supermarkets and also at Forefront, 42 Fore Street, CHARD.

Also donations of tinned and packet foods, but they must be in date : Tinned meat products,Corned beef,Tinned ham. Tinned pies, Tinned fish products. Packets of instant mashed potato. Tins, packets and jars of cooking sauces. All Tinned fruits, Tinned rice pudding, tinned or packet custard. Tinned puddings Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, Bottles of squash Jams and Marmalade

Christmas specific donations are needed by the 10th & 17th of December

Baked Beans or tinned Spaghetti as we seem to be overstocked with them!! All donations are gratefully received and will not be on our shelves for long!

Ann Writes

It is lovely to be joining this community as Rector at this time of year.  I grew up in Taunton and have so many fond memories of Christmases past, particularly Boxing Day by the sea in Lyme or Sidmouth!  Since then I have lived in many different parts of the country, but now I am looking forward to coming ‘home’.   Mick and I are really pleased to be coming to Chard and to Combe, Wambrook and Whitestaunton and getting to know each of your communities, hearing your stories and being part of your lives.

Getting to this point has been a long and not always straightforward journey.  I spent over twenty years in secondary education teaching in London and in Suffolk, and I also managed a Debt Advice Centre in Cambridge. I always thought that ordained ministry was for other more ‘religious’ people, but God, it seems, had other ideas!  I nearly left it too late to respond to my sense of calling, but since taking the plunge I have been blessed and encouraged by so many people.  I have come to realise that being ‘religious’ has got nothing to do with it.  What matters is how we live our lives, both individually and as a community.  It is about kindness, generosity and tolerance, things which we all lack at times, but also things we can learn from one another. read more…

Flower Arrangers Meeting

November 2nd at 2 pm a meeting for the flower arrangers.

We will be discussing flower arrangements for December.

Harvest Church Service

We had a wonderful service which included lots of items for the Lords Larder and fresh produce. The fresh food was sold after the service. In addition to the things for the Lords Larder we were able to donate £149 to them.

Many thanks to everyone for their hard work. We look forward to next year’s service.

Coffee Morning

Many thanks to everyone who came and helped at the coffee morning on the 6th October.

Another £70 was raised for Church Funds. A big thank you.

A Lily in Memory of this Christmas

Would you like to remember someone you miss this Christmas with a lily?

Just £3.00 per lily.

Contact Maureen who will collect the money and record the name in Church and the Church Magazine.

Closing date to order and pay is 2nd December